How will the UK food industry fair after Brexit?

Brexit image

The food and drink exporting industry is flying high at the moment. In the first half of 2018 figures showed significant growth. Despite exports hitting £10.7bn, there is still a large shadow of uncertainty looming over the industry. The shadow…

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How Harnessing Technology Could Unlock Billions

The fourth industrial revolution will unlock billions in additional revenue for UK manufacturers. Through machine automation, AI, and SCADA systems, productivity will flourish, while costs could plummet by as much as £53bn—potentially passing £2bn of savings directly onto consumers. This…

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4 Ways Automation Could Boost Your Business Post-Brexit

Politics aside, it is now upon the British population to approach Brexit from a positive angle. Granted, worries and concerns remain – but in our technically advanced age, much of the anxiety can be overcome through upgrading legacy systems. So,…

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