Design & Specification

At Control Freaks, our experienced team of engineers are able to design and implement a complete system to meet your exact needs. Everything we do is bespoke. We can design and manufacture control panels, SCADA and MES systems and much more.

Our process begins with a consultation, whereby we review your current software applications, systems, equipment and any manual processes you may have. We can then identify what system will provide you with the best results, providing efficiencies, safety improvements, increased production and both time and cost savings.

Once we’ve agreed which solution will best suit your needs and obtained the necessary information from you, we will begin the design and specification stage. We create blank panel drawings and load panel components into our dedicated panel design software. These form the blueprints of your system. We then add all the relevant panel components and connect everything up to ensure it forms a fully functional system in line with your manufacturing process.

Once we’ve drawn up the system, it’ll be checked, and production will begin.

We also have our own designers who can create branded displays for you to aid adoption and ensure all the necessary information is accessible.

Once production is complete, we enter another phase of Quality Control testing. We are then able to request the safety certifications and plan in an installation date.

We take you through each step of creating and implementing a new system, from design and specification, through to manufacture and finally installation. And, it doesn’t stop there. We offer regular servicing and emergency call outs, so we’re here when you need us.

Trusted & Qualified

For more information or to discuss your requirements call us on 01406 424282 or contact us.