Programming & Software

At Control Freaks, we are problem solvers. We love nothing more than to find a solution that will ensure your business can run more efficiently. Whether you want to increase production within your factories, reduce waste or save time and money in analysing important data that will enable you to monitor output and continuously make changes for improvement, we’re here to help.

Programmes and software we use

The systems we create directly interact with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, and more through HMI software. What’s more, we ensure it’s able to monitor, gather, and process real-time data. Essentially, this provides you with actionable business information.

We program in the following:

  • IEC 61131
  • C# (C sharpe)
  • Visual Basic
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Access

Our experience with SQL, Access, Oracle, SCADA and MES enables us to translate your data into actionable information for performance and production line monitoring and reporting.

Find out more about SCADA & MES here >

System Upgrades
If you have a legacy system, we can easily migrate it to a new one. We’ve seen the evolution of individual manufacturer networks and technologies to global ethernet based systems, which not only allows us to excel at system integration but enables us to modify and upgrade obsolete software or server motors.

Trusted & Qualified

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