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Control panel design, manufacture and installation is one of our core business activities. We fully understand control applications, control panel production, field installation, and system commissioning requirements. As an electric control panel manufacturing specialist, we understand the need to deliver reliable, flexible, cost-effective quality systems.

We’ve worked with clients in various industries to create something truly bespoke that will streamline processes and ultimately save them money. We have experience in working with the following systems:

These systems are often used in energy power sectors, including nuclear, electric and gas, along with water, transport, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and many more.

Systems can range from a single control panel to a fully distributed control system, which we design and build ourselves. The simplest control systems are usually panel mounted on a wall or on the machine. They can also be created to allow the operator to view the front panels and manually intervene if necessary.

If you’re looking to create or update any kind of industrial control system, we can help.

We will design and build your bespoke control panels in our dedicated workshop. We carry out the installation, programming, testing and commissioning all the way through to completion.



Specialist Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Our experienced team can assess your current systems to evaluate as to whether you would benefit from a new system Modern PLC’s/ HMI’s and SCADA systems can give your equipment a new lease of life, helping increase productivity, along with saving time and money down the line.

We design and manufacture a range of control panels, including:

  • Motor control panel
  • MCC custom built panels
  • Relay logic control
  • Ventilation control panels
  • PLC/SCADA/ HMI control panels
  • Machine and assembly wiring
  • Test panels
  • Pneumatic control panels
  • Analyser panels
  • Level monitoring panels
  • Wastewater treatment panels
  • Patch panels
  • Safe area panels
  • ATEX control panels
  • Ul control standard panels

These are just some of the systems we’ve created. 



What is an OEM Control Panel Manufacturer?

An OEM control panel manufacturer is a company that specialises in designing, engineering, and producing control panels that are integrated into various products or systems. These panels house electronic components, switches, indicators, and other interfaces necessary to control and monitor the equipment or system they are integrated into.

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What Industries Do Control Panel Manufacturers Serve?

Control panel manufacturers serve a wide range of industries, including industrial automation, manufacturing, energy, water and wastewater treatment, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and more. For our part, we cater to any industry that requires precise control and monitoring of equipment and systems.

Can Control Panel Manufacturers Customise Panels According to Different Requirements?

Yes, most OEM control panel manufacturers specialise in creating custom solutions. For example, we work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and design control panels that meet those requirements. This customisation can include the layout of components, interface design, and even integration with existing systems.



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