Robotics & Motion Control

In automated control environments, motion control offers a means to move robotic machinery or tooling parts, in a very precise and controlled manner. 

Motion controllers contain the movements and target positions that are required for the finished products, and will outline the necessary trajectories for the motor profiles and actuator. 

Motion control in robotics can be accomplished utilising PLCs, PACs, PC and stand-alone microcontrollers. These days, modern PLCs (programmable logic controllers) have a range of capabilities to encompass any number of applications. 

We specialise in all facets of motion control and robotic systems, including installation, design and maintenance.

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Driving the Future

Many production lines across a variety of industries are becoming a hybrid working model including both human and robotic intervention. 

Typically, robotics undertake tasks which are repetitive in nature, such as inserting and collecting parts, assembly, welding, packing, stacking, and sealing, for example. Robotic operations are heavily present in medicine, military activity, space travel, food production, and harvesting. 

Once programmed, these robots don’t make mistakes, can operate for longer hours, which makes them an incredibly efficient and cost-efficient facet to a business. 

Although the initial investment can be considerable, depending on your requirements, the efficiency and production quality will return your initial investment. 

How Can We Help?

At Control Freaks, our experience and knowledge of robotic technology means that we’re able to access the products of a range of providers. While they build the robots, we design, program, test and install them alongside motion control tech to automate repetitive actions, create continuous processes, improve precision, efficiency, productivity, output and improve ROI.

Robotic technologies work hand in hand with motion control applications, which will often include pneumatic and hydraulic applications. This is the best option for those searching for precision in their machinery. 

A good example of this are items that move down a conveyor belt, if you require the piece to be moved into a specific position, a robot can pick the item up and move it to the exact position. 

Many of the services we provide work together to create an innovative solution that requires little to no human interaction. Robotics and motion control technologies are the ultimate component to creating the best-in-class manufacturing process.

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